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Arabian Nights....100 nights of erotic fantasies...Night 2
Posted:Mar 18, 2019 4:11 am
Last Updated:Mar 18, 2019 9:51 am
Hard day’s night

You get home from a hard day’s work and as you enter the house there are no lights on, just candles lit around. You walk in, there’s a glass of red wine (beer if that is all you prefer) and a little note telling you to sit down put your feet up and relax, because you are going to be completely pampered this evening. And as you head for that big cozy leather couch, having chucked off your shoes, I come out in my little black silky lingerie slip with a similar robe over, to help take your jacket off. Sitting on the arm of the couch with your head leaning into my lap, I massage your neck and shoulders while you sip your drink. You close your eyes, and slowly feel the relaxation and I undo your tie and the top buttons of your shirt. My hands slip inside the shirt still kneading your muscles but also lightly playing with the hair on your chest, and I start kissing the top of your head, your temples, and lean my breasts into the back of your head. You can feel my nipples harden through the silky slip.

As you finish your drink, I get up, and lead you to the bedroom where there are more candles, and the bed is all set for you to lie on. Standing by the bed, I slowly undress you….completely unbutton your shirt and trousers and boxers, letting them fall to the floor, then following them down your body with my hands and mouth all the way down till I get your socks off. I get you to lie face down on the bed, and sit astride your butt to start massaging your back with the strategically placed baby oil by the side of the bed. As I sit over you, you feel my crotch on your butt, and realize I am not wearing undies (as I so often don’t)! My pubic hair lightly touches/tickles your butt as I massage you.

Long strokes up and down your back with an even pressure, building a rhythm to take away all that stress and totally relax you before our passionate encounter. My hands slip over your back with the oil, and as I feel you start to relax, I bend over with every stroke letting my nipples lightly touch your back. You can feel me getting wet as I seductively continue the massage. I start moving lower down, massaging you from your lower back around to your waist, then your butt, then your thighs. With every stroke up your thighs I keep my thumbs along the inside so they touch your balls lightly as I move up and all the way over your butt, and then come down the outer side of your thighs with feather touches. I go further down your long legs and as I stroke you upwards from your feet to your thighs, leaning into you, I plant light kisses on your butt as I get there, spreading your legs as I do so and sometimes letting my tongue flick out to lick that little spot between your butt and your balls. Then massaging your legs down wards all the way to your feet. Your body starts tensing again but this time for quite different reasons but I continue with the massage, it is not yet the time for passion and I would like you totally pampered before we get to that.

I get you to turn over, with a very large hard on that you now have, and start that massage all over again, but this time beginning with your feet, I suck on every long toe, rub each foot with both my hands while holding it against my breast and slowly begin the upward massage strokes up those long legs of yours. You have your eyes closed to enjoy just the feeling, and I cannot keep my eyes of that very dangerous looking hard on of yours. Your legs are spread out with me sitting between them and massaging you. My hands come back up your thighs, this time my thumbs on the up stroke rub up along the join line of your thigh and crotch, ever so tantalizingly close to your penis yet not quite touching it. It moves almost seeming to want my touch, but this one darling is all about delayed gratification! I stroke you along the thigh and sometimes run my fingers up lightly, sometimes with pressure, then I bend my head over you and start licking you all around your penis…little licks, little kisses, you can feel the warmth of my breath on your skin and my tight nipples touching your thighs as I lean down. My hands are now coming up along your side to rub your lower tummy – that tingly area. Rub, lightly caress, feather touches all going on in turns while my breath and lips and tongue tease you around your balls and your penis.

You yawn…..and me lord I think you have had enough for one night….our story will continue tomorrow, but for now let me hold you in my arms and cuddle you against my breast to sleep. Sweet dreams lover.
Arabian Nights....100 nights of erotic fantasies...Night 1
Posted:Mar 16, 2019 8:43 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2019 5:29 pm
Well let's see how many nights I get to lol....and some they may get shorter as the days pass given time constraints lol. These are ALL original stories/fantasies by yours truly.....

You may have heard of the Arabian Nights, where a sultan who wanted to take this lady for his own, was warned against her by his chief counsel. So in order to keep himself happy with her as his mistress yet not upset the chief counsel, he told her that as long as she could tell him stories every night she would live, but the moment the story ended, she would be beheaded. Now this woman was talented….and in love with the sultan, and knowing the chief counsel was the “bad guy” she devised a plan. She would start telling the sultan a story every night and about 75% of the way through, she would stop for the night, leaving the sultan waiting for the end, which she would then finish the next night, begin a new story and do the same thing .This way, the sultan would be forever focused on her, and she would teach him to love her….and so began the Arabian Nights.

Fun as it may be to tantalise with just 75% of the story each time...I might lose track...not have time to send the completion etc etc. so lucky you get a full story each time!!

Night 1: The beach
Some wonderful starry night, at a moonlit beach, we are wearing light summer clothes you in a t-shirt and pull on pyjama like trousers, and me in your white thin shirt and similar but silky trousers. We walk along holding hands, not really saying much but in that comfortable silence between lovers. You humming a bit in that seductive low voice of yours (the feel of melting bittersweet chocolate). The sound of the water and the night a seduction all its own. Fingers playing with each other, occasionally kissing cheeks and fingers, letting the waves lap at our feet. And as we walk we get sprayed by the ocean waves, the shadow of my nipples shows through your shirt which I have on. There by the water we kiss, I kiss your neck, place my hands on your unshaven cheeks, kiss and lightly lick the back of your ears, nip at your lobes, slide my lips across your cheek to your ever so seductive mouth.

I tell you to close your eyes as I lick the outline of your lips, lightly run my tongue across the opening of your mouth not going in just yet. You have your hands on my butt pulling me hard against you. I can feel your erection against me, feel the crazy feeling of wanting to lose total control and yet draw out the moment which requires control. I run my fingers in your hair, pulling your face down to mine, and kiss you mouth on mouth, tongue on tongue, wanting to be a part of you, close, feeling your breath mingle with mine on a warm summer night. An exchange of deep sighs….yet there is a chill, that chill of excitement of love yet to be made, passionate and wild.

We share a tremble, one of those shivers up the spine sort, and wrap our arms more fully and tightly around each other. Kissing you all over your face, and neck, running my hands over your shoulders and down your back, sliding under your t-shirt, touching your warm skin. Bringing my hands under the shirt around to your chest, running my fingers through the hair on your chest and touching your nipples…playing with them, kissing them, holding them between my lips through the shirt. You have your hands running under my shirt coming round to cup my breasts and tease the nipples hard with your forefinger and thumb. You have one of your hands sliding into my trousers to grip my butt and press me closer to you.

We drop down onto the sand, still with the warm waves lapping at us. You are sitting down legs outstretched and I am sitting on you, with your erection placed in my crotch. The water has completely wet us both and the outline of nipples can be seen through the shirts. You have my shirt partly unbuttoned and I pull your tee over your head while kissing your chest and neck as it comes off and then back to your mouth. Deep groaning kisses, slow and tender, easy rhythm with our tongues a feel of pent up passion just under the surface. Long moments of kisses, with hands sliding over skin, and fingers tangling in hair, savouring every lick, every touch, every reaction of our bodies for a memory Neither of us wearing underwear anyway, and knowing that the clothes are just a step away from full blown passion.

Sitting on you I slide my body over your erection as we kiss, as we stretch our hands out and tangle our fingers and your take my hands above my head while sliding your hands down my arms to my sides and drag your mouth away from mine to focus on a breast, the feel of your unshaven cheek rubbing against my soft skin a tantalizing moment all its own. It seems as if my breast and butt are made to fit your hands perfectly. You hold both my breasts pushing them up together in a rhythm and rubbing your cheeks against the soft tender skin.

As I hold your head close to my breast and keep rocking over your erection…stretching my back out giving you my breast and then curving myself into you. You arch me backwards as you kiss me down my front and slide your hands down my sides to my butt pulling my body up to your mouth….(and you do have a lovely mouth – cupids bow!!!). There I am stretched out across your legs for you to play my body as you will. And as you pull me back up to kiss me again, you roll us over in the sand, me flat on my back with you alongside .Kissing me still holding your head in one hand seemingly relaxed while your other hands trails down my body and slips into the pants touching me feather like as I hold my breath then pressing the palm of your hand over my already very wet self. I raise myself up to lean closer into you to trail my hand down your body and hold you, stroke you gently….up….down….up….down. You’ve slid two beautiful long fingers into my vagina with the same rhythm…in….out….in…out. Kissing our tongues catch the same rhythm, bodies leaning into each other, we are both on our sides now, and I have put one of my legs over your hip to give you more access to me.

Time passes, this is all we’re doing but our breathing is getting deeper and warmer, our bodies are tense with excitement, your erection is as hard as it can possibly get, I am as wet and slick as I can possibly be, your fingers are giving me little orgasmic feelings causing me to tremble. I slide your pants off as you slide mine off and you sit up again with me astride you legs folded under, but your penis is not in me just yet….just a while longer… I rub against you, and kiss you deeply. You’ve ripped off the last buttons on the shirt which is now fully open flying in the light summer breeze but not taken off.

Slowly ever so slowly and while still rhythmically stroking my tongue in your mouth and my fingers through your hair, I sit/slide down onto you. You slip in oh so easily, and with a sigh and soft moan, we stay like that locked bodies as one. Arms wrapped tight around each other and mouths still in rhythm. Then slowly our bodies take up the rhythm of our tongues, I lick you around your mouth, hold you by the shoulders while I rise and slide down you, you are holding my butt and taking me up….down…up…down. You slide your arms up my sides to cup my breasts again while I continue moving down onto you and up again almost off but not quite, just to the very edge… eyes are closed, my head thrown back and with your head on my breast and a nipple in your mouth you can hear the thudding of my heart. Our movements are slow but the passion is deep and the emotion is heart pounding. At that moment in time, we are totally in love, in complete lust with our bodies, in tune with each others needs.

You roll us over, still staying inside me, but raise my legs onto your shoulders and holding me around my thighs, so you can push way deep into me. I can feel every stroke every push inside touching the very core of my being. I can feel all of you fill all of me. And as you move, my legs wrapped around your neck and your hands now playing with my clit, I start to cum, tensing my body, breathing deeply and pushing against you, your mouth at my breast you move more vigorously and cum while I am still in the throes of my orgasm. I feel the hot liquid shoot through into me while groaning you fall across my chest.

As you lay down heavily on me (I like this feeling by the way of a body weight on me even to sleep with)…I wrap my legs and arms around your back and neck to hold you close. The intimacy of the moment never felt before and like no other…the waves still lapping like nothing has disturbed their movement. Spent and embracing I kiss the top of your head, and run my fingers lightly down your back. In a moment, perhaps a long moment, I will be ready for you all over again, but for now, this is bliss!!

To be continued....
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To resist....
Posted:Mar 16, 2019 5:12 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2019 6:10 pm
is futile!!!
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Posted:Mar 15, 2019 6:44 am
Last Updated:Mar 17, 2019 5:29 pm
I must be one...
Time...(Budding Sensual Poet - Sunnyred 4444)
Posted:Mar 15, 2019 6:39 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2019 11:41 pm
There is but one moment in time
It happens every moment
Once it exists it vanishes
It will never return or be replaced.

There is but one mind, one heart, one body, one soul
They exist together in that moment
If left un-challenged, un-loved, un-pleasured, un-desired
That moment is wasted forever.

Each moment is wealth
Each moment is eternity
Each moment is us
Apart, together, right now!

Posted:Mar 14, 2019 11:34 pm
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2019 2:36 am
.... and sensuality....mmmm
Coming home... (an original by Sunnyred4444)
Posted:Mar 14, 2019 9:08 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2019 11:42 pm
He came home one day, exhausted and thinking that all he wanted to do was hit the shower, get a cold one out of the fridge and sit on the couch to watch some sport or other. Stripping en route he dragged himself into the bathroom to wash off the day. He stood there letting the warm shower run over him and did not initially feel her fingers lightly touching him down his back as if one with the trickle of the water.
She quietly stepped into the cubicle with him letting her finger tips touch his shoulders, down his spine to the top of his butt, caressing his butt cheeks.
He hardened in an instant and his heart beat raced as he imagined just driving himself into her in just a few short moments.
Yet she lingered on his butt, fingertips reaching for that area where his thighs started as she ran her fingers along that crease. She slid her fingers lightly between his thighs as his legs parted. She dropped down onto her knees to go down the long length of his legs all the way to his feet and then tracing his ankles she let her finger tips go around to the front of his legs to start the journey up.
He knew in a moment that he would be able to lift her up and sit her on that throbbing organ going as deeply as he could into her and unconsciously stepped away slightly for her to move in front of him.
The journey upward began but this time her mouth followed her finger tips as they traveled up his legs. It seemed as if time was passing really slowly.
He desperately waited for her to rise up enough from where he could lift her. He was quite unaware of anything except the sound of the shower rushing down and the overwhelming feeling of his body tense with anticipation. He did not notice how far up she had reached until he felt her take his achingly hard penis into her mouth.
He gasped in surprise…this was not the fantasy in his head just now…but god that felt good!
He looked down to see her, slowly licking him, eyes closed in complete focus, with the shower running over her and immediately thought of how wet she looked and how wet she must be all over...body glistening with droplets of water.
Stop! Before he lost all control and the pleasure was over! He wanted this to go on a little longer yet!
He closed his eyes and lifted his face into the shower to give in to her attentions. His mind shifted from his fantasy into the pleasure of the moment, where he could feel only the water running over him and her mouth sliding up and down him. On her knees now, level with his penis, she cupped and caressed his balls with one hand and touched his butt going around him with the other, and he could feel her hardened nipples on his thighs despite the water running down. Her mouth still sliding up and down, then sucking him at the tip, grazing her teeth lightly down one side then the other, then holding him as she licked the tip and then putting her mouth on him again to go all the way down and take him fully in.
His instinct was to push into her but he held back not wanting to interrupt the total focused zone that she was in. His legs began to tremble with each wave of pleasure coursing through him. He could no longer feel exactly what she was doing as he gave in to the pleasure, the aching and the anticipation she was causing within him and to his body.
She continued moving all over his penis, sucking it, putting his balls into her mouth, putting her hand between his legs and letting her finger rub that space between with the hand at the back lightly running fingers up and down the crack of his butt then caressing each butt cheek and back again. At times he would be fully into her mouth and then all he would feel was the water running over him almost cooling him from the heat of her actions.
He knew he was not going to be able to hold back any longer. He knew he was going to blow out releasing all the tension of his body and the day that had been. As he trembled and shivered she felt his moment coming. Taking him fully into her mouth she started playing with him with her tongue, letting it swirl around him and over the tip and sometimes sucking, sometimes moving up and down, sometimes just holding him there for a moment breathing.
He shuddered and groaned and jerking came with a force that surprised even him, all his juices going straight into her mouth still fully holding him. He pushed into her mouth as he exploded arms above his head hanging onto the shower head as his entire body felt the ecstasy of the release.
She swallowed him along with shower water holding him close around his waist. Then slowly she raised herself and let her mouth lingeringly come off him as she did so. Putting her hands on his chest she lay her head against his heart for a moment, listening to his heart beat quiet down.
He still felt like his body was shuddering. Waves of pleasure coursing through him and the shower still running over him.
She kissed his neck, a slow deep connection, held his face in her hands her cheek against his and before he could bring his arms down to hold her, she stepped out of the shower, dried off and was gone.
He stayed in the shower, He could not move if he tried, so caught up in the pleasure of the moment was he. His exhaustion was replaced with contentment, relaxation, relief, a feeling of truly coming home.

Posted:Mar 14, 2019 7:41 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2019 11:43 pm
Love being a woman...
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Posted:Mar 14, 2019 7:36 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2019 2:46 am
Such a pleasurable way to burn sooo many calories!!!
If you're into the Cancerian woman
Posted:Mar 14, 2019 12:41 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2019 2:47 am
Astrology can be fun....

it seems that there may well be some truth to the images attached as this blog!!!

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Posted:Mar 14, 2019 12:29 am
Last Updated:Mar 16, 2019 11:43 pm

He said, “Come here woman, you brazen hussy
Your pussy I must thrill
At twilight shall I lay you down
By dawn my soul fulfill”

And in return said she to him
“My body please devour
Rapture shall be mine tonight
Replete shall be my power”

(Budding Sensual Poet - Sunnyred 4444)

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