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Characteristics of Cuckolding
Posted:Nov 12, 2011 4:15 am
Last Updated:Jul 26, 2013 1:55 am

Definition of a Hot Wife

A “Hot Wife” is a sexy woman who loves having sex with other men (or women) with her husband’s permission or even participation.

Comments of a Hot wife

It took me over a month to read everything about being a hot wife and by the time I finished it had me thinking! And I was very excited about the possibilities. I had always wanted to fuck other men but did not want to loose my husband. I am sure that I still loved him and he is a good provider and I didn’t want to take a chance loosing the comfortable life I had become accustomed to. While the idea of sex with a younger guy held much appeal, I did not like the idea of my husband enjoying the same sexual freedom. So if becoming a Hot Wife would offer me a way to fuck around without taking a chance on loosing my home and security then I was all for it! I was so excited by the thought that soon I would be fucking other men while my husband would be waiting at home getting excited. At first I found it hard to believe my husband really didn't mind me having sex with other men but I found he really got turned on by it and it made our love life and marriage stronger.

Characteristics of a Good Cuckold aka Cuck (husband of a Hot Wife)
Cuckolding is not about cheating, degrading women or the destruction of the cucks psyche. It is, at least from the cuckold's side of it, a celebration of women. It's about a sub missive’s desire to see that his wife is happy - sexually happy, emotionally happy and happy in her dominance.

VOYEUR CUCK- This type of Cuck usually likes to just watch his woman having sex with another guy. He usually does not participate in the sex act and just sits in the corner watching and/or masturbating. Though he may also be sitting next to his wife or even holding her hand. On average a couple with a voyeur Cuck is not heavily into D/s. It tends to be more along the line of, "Honey it gets me so turned on to watch you with another man and the sex we have afterwards is amazing." Depending on the couple sometimes the voyeur Cuck is not allow to view the sex act of his woman and her lover in person. Instead the sex acts are taped and shown to the voyeur Cuck at a later date and used to drive sexual kink when having sex with his wife at a later date. On average the voyeur Cuck male is not "that" submissive and may even be a relatively alpha style male. Also, this type of Cuck may not really even consider himself a cuckold and may not even know the definition of the word. He is simply a voyeur who enjoys watching his wife have sex with another man

2.BI-CUCK- This type of Cuck enjoys participating with the wife's lover while she is dating and having sex with another lover. The bi-Cuck might enjoy "fluffing" the lover (oral sex to get him hard for his wife), or talking to the lover while he is in action. This Cuck may also participate in the sex acts, usually exclusively as the bottom to the wife and her lover. When a dominant wife has a submissive bisexual husband and she cuckolds him, and also includes him in the sex acts with her lovers, it tends to be a little easier on the mental humiliation of the cuckold. It's easier because the cuckold is participating with his wife and is engaged in something that he enjoys (bisexuality). The bi-Cuck may not even feel any humiliation at all. It's the "inclusion" factor here that lessens the mental blow of allowing your wife to have other sexual partners. Some bisexual cucks may even greatly enjoy this type of relationship because it does afford them the opportunity to have same sex relations. If the dominant wife enjoys this type of sexual interaction between two males, then everyone is happy. Bi-cucks could be D/s driven in their desires or it could be a little tamer along the lines of a MMF threesome. Many variations could be taking place in this realm of a bisexual male husband.

3.SISSY CUCK- This type of Cuck wants to be feminized by wearing wigs and make up, and women's clothing while serving a wife and lover engaged in sexual relations. Many times this is accompanied by a sissy maid drive where the cuckold wants to become the maid for the evening and made to serve the wife and her lover. Sissy cucks may be masculine men, feminine men, cross dressers or transvestites. Where they fall in this range will determine what type of play or scenario or humiliation they are seeking. 
For men that are into "forced feminization" vs. "consensually enjoyed feminization" this may be about humiliation and emasculation of the male. To be dressed, in non-passing way, with a hairy chest and legs and to be ridiculed for it. This is fairly outrageous to see and it's easy to humiliate a male in this position. Most men into this type of sissy play are not cross dressers and do not try to pass as female.
Some men may also enjoy being forced to wear panties or bra under his business suit and be ridiculed for it by his Mistress. And cuckolding is simply an extension on this type of sissy or feminization play where this would be shared with Femdom's male lover or lovers.
Sissy maids tend to take the feminization up a notch and really go all out to be seen as a maid to his Mistress. As the sissy maid, he is there to serve the wife and perhaps her lover by waiting on them in various manners as seen fit by his Mistress - sexually or not. In some cases the sissy Cuck may be made to have sexual contact with his Mistress and/or Mistress's lover - usually as a bottom.
Troilism being aroused by imagining or watching your wife with another man is another form of swinging. The woman swings and the husband pushes. The practice is best explained as a way for a husband to resolve his anxiety about the possibility his wife will cheat on him. By giving her permission to be with other men, as long as she keeps him involved he takes charge

Just thought we would post this just to help explain what Cuckolding is...

which one are u??
Posted:May 24, 2008 7:03 am
Last Updated:Jul 1, 2020 9:22 pm
If you are reading this, you are obviously interested in the cuckold lifestyle. Notice that I didn't say that you are a cuckold, hotwife, or bull. Why? Because most of the people who read this are either wannabe's or worse ‒ fakes.

Go around and look at any cuckold group on the Internet. Most people either have blank profiles or bad profiles. What do I mean by bad profile? Pictures that are obviously professional and taken from a porn site or the profile of a supposed cuckolded hubby that indicates
he is single or a Hot Wife that talks like a trucker when describing herself.

Oh and let's not forget the `professional services' while we are exploring cuckold profiles. The people who want you to join
their website, or the people who will let you call them and talk about being cuckolded for $5.99 a minute. Do us all a favor and ignore these profiles and everything that comes from them. They are not in this lifestyle. They are giving you a fantasy world to make money, and ruining many of our newsgroups and websites doing it.

How do you identify fake couples? Usually the picture itself is a dead giveaway. Take a close look at it. While some real couples do have professional looking photos, very few have spent the money required to do a shoot with 3 or 4
lights in a studio with expensive backgrounds and props and a professional photographer. Is she a little too good-looking? A little too well posed? Go with your gut, and keep a healthy doubt
about you before spending hours chatting with a couple that could very well be some guy in his basement jerking off at your expense.

Take a look at what they say in their posts. Compare it to what their profile says. Does the post say they are married and yet the Yahoo
profile says they are a "Single Male"? I personally doubt any couple on Yahoo that is supposedly looking for a third, yet
doesn't take the time to advertise this fact in their profile. Most couples who are looking, WANT people to find them. Another dead giveaway is location. When you see a post asking for
someone to come fuck a hotwife, but don't even list what state or COUNTRY they live in, just ignore it. Seriously, it's always fake. Try to ignore people who won't even list what major city they live near while you are at it. Ok fine, they live in Texas, but Texas is pretty damn huge, and I'd hope they are not desperate enough that they have to drive 6 hours for some sex.

Maybe one of the biggest giveaways is when someone posts a `true' story as written by `the wife' and you see sentences like `As he licked my throbbing wet cunt hole I squirted out gallons of my lovers steaming hot man-goo that tasted like liquid fire going down my husbands throat' WOMEN DO NOT WRITE LIKE THIS. Go read some stories by well known female authors. It's very very different than the stuff us guys write.

How do the real couples sort through the 10 million Bulls looking for sex?

Well again, with profiles. They should be filled out, with pictures, and never say stuff like "married by looking". If the guy has a wife who can't trust him, you shouldn't either. Period. A lot of guys in this lifestyle are out trying to get laid in cuckold or swinger groups because they feel we are the most morally lacking and the most likely to grant them some bed-time.
Location is important here too. There are guys
out there who will seriously drive 12 hours to meet with you for the chance of maybe getting into your bed. Doesn't this scare you?

Oh and ignore any guy who has nothing but a cock picture in his profile. I understand that a lot of people may not want a picture of their face
online when advertising for this type or relationship, but that doesn't excuse someone from taking a silhouette or from being creative in blocking their face out of a shot. Not having a camera is the worst excuse you will ever hear. For $6.00 anyone can buy a disposable camera
take some non-adult pictures and have them put on a CD at Wal*Mart. Do you really wanna shack up with someone who can't afford $6.00?

A real Bull profile or post is intelligent. He doesn't spell three letter words like `you' and `are' with 1 letter… as in `r u 4 real?' He has a good picture of more than his cock, he says outright he's a Bull or Dom, and he's interested in meeting cuckold couples. He's polite when you talk to him, and doesn't instantly start talking
about sex.

How do these two groups of people meet in real life? Carefully. Couples rule the show. They set the guidelines. Where to meet, when is best, and what will or will not happen the night they meet. If they want the Bulls home number before meeting they can ask for it. If they want to sneak into the restaurant bathroom to check out cock-size before going further they can demand that as well. Until a couple says `ok' ‒ the Bull is NOT in charge.

Bulls need to be careful too. Always be very wary of meeting with just the male ½ of the couple. Even go so far as to ask to hear
the females voice over the phone before agreeing to meet. Again, lots of guys are full of shit, and they either do not have a wife, or
their wife doesn't know. If the couple wants to take digital pictures, make sure you see what is on their camera before you go home. You wouldn't want you face all over the Internet would ya?

Generally most of the people out there are not real. They are fantasy players. Go the extra step in weeding them out and you can meet some quality people.


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