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dickencider2006 71M
22 posts
2/10/2014 8:02 pm

After arriving home from our shopping adventure, we relaxed and lounged, had a nap and then started to get ready for dinner at a new restaurant. A nice dark suit and tie for me and a shiny short dress for her, high heels and a small purse. She looked stunning as I came up behind her, while she primped and fussed over herself in the mirror. I pushed my hips into her ass and reached around to squeeze her boobs, nibbling her ear.I could feel her nipples growing hard in my palms, no bra underneath, mmm how thoughtful, I grinned to myself. 'Ready for a great evening?', I whispered, as my hand slid between her legs and rubbed lewdly. Thin panties prevented me from losing my fingers in her hot pussy. Pushing me away, she laughed and said. 'Come on, we'll be late.'
Arriving at the restaurant on time, I noticed it was getting busy.They had a table for us, but I asked if we could have a booth instead and they were able to accommodate. We sat next to each other as the waiter came over and passed out the menus,recited the specials for the evening and took our drink orders. As we looked over the menu and waited for our drinks, I snuggled up close to her. Her body heat was immediately evident through the thin fabric of her dress. I rested my hand on her bare thigh, squeezing gently and caressing. She shot me a glance as if to say, what are you doing?, but I just smiled and kept looking over the menu.
When the waiter came by with our drinks, my hand slid inside her thigh. I could feel her body tense momentarily. My thumb strummed her soft, smooth inner thigh as we ordered our meal. I wonder if he noticed, I thought. She seemed to relax as we sipped our drinks, her legs opening a bit more as we discussed various topics and watched some of the couples around us. All the while the undercurrent of my caressing remained unspoken. A second round of drinks was ordered and by that time her hand was on top of mine, guiding me gently along. She moved my hand up her inner thigh, until my fingers brushed against the warm fabric of her panties. Her hand left mine, and moved across my thigh to rest in my lap, her eyes watching mine as we talked. A small grin came across her face and her eyes sparkled with mischief as she slowly massaged by groin. Two can play this game, she thought. My reaction was fairly immediate, a bulge stirring and growing quickly. My fingers pressed against her panties, rubbing slowly and deliberately, moisture followed, as her hips moved imperceptibly. Her nipples were noticeably hard through her dress. She leaned into me, and said, 'I love the way you smell', and kissed me softly. Her fingers pulled down my zipper and reached inside, squeezing and stroking my cock playfully. I looked around nervously, to see if anyone had caught that.
She zipped me up just in time, as the waiter approached with our dinners, and we reluctantly put our teasing on hold for the time being. Another round of drinks was ordered mid way through our meal. We savored and took our time eating.
After we had finished, she flagged down a busboy and asked for directions to the restrooms. As she got up to leave, I said 'I've gotta go too' and followed her. The Ladies and Gents room were side by side. Opening the door to the Ladies,she paused briefly, looked around and pulled me in by the arm, just as I had my hand on the Mens room door. I was surprised and caught off guard. She bee lined right for the nearest empty stall, the click of her high heels echoing on the tile floor. Closing and locking the door behind us, she pushed me up against it, kissing me hard, as her hands went to unfasten my pants and pull my zipper down. She whispered huskily in my ear, ' I've wanted you so badly since we got here'. She squatted in front of me in her heels and pulled out my straining cock, engulfing its entire length, sucking hungrily. I gasped as her tongue swirled over and around my cock, her mouth devouring me so voraciously. I could see her hand between her legs, fingering and rubbing herself. The lewdness of the scene had me so excited, I almost came. Pulling her up to me and switching places,facing me, I reached under her skirt and pulled her panties aside. She braced herself against the partitions on either side as I slid my hard cock deep into her, thrusting immediately. She curled one leg around my hip and pulled me in, as I pounded her now dripping cunt. Her eye lids were half closed, as she bit her lower lip in ecstasy. I slid part of her top down, exposing her breast. I could feel the hard, excited nipple between my lips as I suckled. She moaned as I bit down firmly.
The noise of someone coming in, pulled my focus to the here and now. The Ladies room. We stopped and didn't move. A look of terror on our faces.I slowly pulled my cock out as she motioned me to get up on the toilet. Quietly I stepped up on it, keeping my head down behind the top of the partition. She moved quietly towards me, her mouth open and ready to take me in again. I peered briefly over the door to see a woman go into the second stall over.I felt the familiar warmth engulf me again. This time, I, needed to hold onto the partitions, as I was balancing on the smooth toilet seat. My mind was turned upside down trying to separate the intellectual from the primal. Trying not to get caught, on the one hand, and fighting the urge to cum, on the other. The possibility of getting caught was exhilarating. I did my best to enjoy the conundrum.
We could hear the woman leave, and as she did, I pulled my cock from its delicious hole, and stepped down off the toilet. I turned my partner around and bent her over. Flipping up her skirt,and pulling aside her panties I rammed my cock into her, hard, her hands braced against the door. I stood back as far as I could, so my shoes and pants couldn't to be seen by anyone else coming in. The door rattled with every thrust, she pushed back against me, wanting every bit of me inside her. I could hear her soft moans among her ragged breathing. I came quickly and it surprised me, my back arched and pushed deep, holding it there, as spasm after spasm of hot cum filled her. Her muscles milking me of every drop. The sleek, toned legs were trembling as I battered her pussy. Her body shuddered and she let out a muffled grunt and moan. Pulling my dripping cock from her pussy, a load of our mixed cum slid out and down her thigh. I ran my finger through it and brought it to her lips, coated them and kissed her. Tasting our sweet cum on her lips was intoxicating and so hot.The kiss lingered as her arms went around my neck and her hips pressed against mine.
Finishing the kiss, I pulled up my pants and fastened them. She straightened herself up and we cautiously made our way to the door. Poking her head out, looking each way, she pushed me out once the coast was clear. I made my way back to the booth and she joined me a couple of minutes after. Leaning over to kiss my cheek, she whispered, 'That was some dessert'. She sat back, but not before flicking her warm,wet,tongue playfully over my ear.
The waiter came over and said, 'Oh, there you are, find the restrooms alright?' We smiled and nodded. He offered me dessert but I declined, then asked my friend who replied, 'No thanks, I'm stuffed'. I grinned to myself, thinking, if he only knew.

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