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my fantasy...#29  

bottomONtopp 64M
0 posts
9/17/2021 6:38 pm
my fantasy...#29

i kneel down in front of u
& grip your elongated cock in both hands
& guide it in2 my hungry mouth...
u groan
as u feel my sucking mouth
cover the head of your cock...
i withdraw 4 a second
& stab the tip of my tongue
in2 your drooling cum-hole
then my hot mouth moves back down
over your cock-head
& starts 2 slide it in & out slowly...
u gasp
as i slide my whole body 4ward
& take the full length
of your probing prong in2 my throat...
u start 2 shiver
as i slide my whole body backward
until just the fat head of your cock
is in my mouth
& then i slam 4ward
& take your full length again & again...
each time i pull all the way back
i slide my tongue all around
your throbbing cock-head
& drive u crazy with pleasure...
u grip the sides of my head in your hands
& begin 2 move me back & 4th
as u hammer-fuck my face...
as i grip your big balls
i can feel them pull upward
& i know u are getting close 2 cumming
& i wanna taste every hot delicious drop...
u groan
" suck my cock !! suck my cock !!
take my cock all the way down !!! "

u are obviously excited
as u see your thick cock
slam in & out of my throat...
u are getting very close
& i can feel your big cock-head swell even more
as u get ready 2 release a torrent of sticky goo
in2 my thirsty throat...
u moan
" oh god !! i'm cumming !!! "
& then your stomach contracts
as u arch your back
& release spurt after wet spurt
of very hot & very tasty cum
deep inside my sucking throat...
i pull back
until just your fat cock-head
remains clamped in my wet mouth
& i take the last delicious spurts
on2 my teeth & tongue...
i suck & swallow as fast as i can
until u are cumpletely & totally drained
& your twitching cock
is beginning 2 soften in my mouth...
u finally pull away from me
& collapse back on2 the bed
& u fall asleep...

as u sleep
i let my hand explore every part of your body
& i lightly caress your biceps & 4arms
& then move up across 2 feel your chest & shoulders...
my hand slowly moves down & across your belly
& then down further below your navel
2 your soft & rubbery cock...
i gently tease your flaccid penis
& play with its broad head
& feel the deep recess behind it
be4 it widens out again 2 your thick shaft...
i trace the blue veins along the side of your shaft
& lightly heft your soft scrotum
& allow your heavy testicles
2 slide down through my hand...
i feel your arms rise & embrace me
& as we turn 2ward each other
i feel your warm cock press up against my thigh
& begin 2 grow & expand...
mine is also rising with anticipation
& u drop one hand down
& press our cocks 2gether in your firm grasp...
the hot touch
of our 2 hot & horny members 2gether
quickly elevates their arousal level 2 full erections...
i whisper
" i wanna feel u inside me !!
my ass feels so empty !!
let me ride your cock !!! "

i roll u on2 your back
& squat over your belly
while i reach 4 the lube on the nightstand...
i smile wickedly
as i squeeze the jelly in2 my hand
& massage it on2 your fully erect cock...
i eagerly face u
& position your slick cock against my empty ass
& lower myself down so slowly
as i feel your cock strain 2 gain entrance...
my anal ring pushes open
as the big head slips inside
& i pause 2 let your girthy erection
stretch my tight ass wider & wider...
then i sink downward in one long & fluid motion
& feel u fill me 2 the core of my wide-stretched bowels
with your hot throbbing cock-meat...
i moan
" oh yes !! that's what i need !!
i love your cock so deep in me !! "

i am again fulfilled in my dirty desire
2 have your cock deep deep inside me...
i ride up & down your fat pole like an elevator
& rotate my hips in a slow circle at the bottom
2 feel your amorous appendage
stir inside my tight & slippery rectum...
as i massage your chest & belly
u sit up & place your arms tight
around my lower back
& pull me so firmly on2 u
that it makes me gasp & moan loudly...
i wrap my legs tightly around your hips
& u drive your manhood deeply & firmly in2 me
as i remain secure in your strong grip
& your thick cock deeply impales me
as u move me slowly & steadily up & down
on your slippery & sordid shaft...
i groan
" fuck my ass !! oh god yes !!
fuck my ass so fucking deep !! "

u grunt
& exercise your impaling shaft
in & out a few more times
& slide me up & down
with your arms tight around my hips
& i grunt like a well-fucked animal
with each deep & viscious thrust...
i hang my head back
& gasp with each deep thrust
as your probing cock pounds inside me
like a pile driver...
my own hard little cock slides up & down
& slaps against my belly & yours
as u pound your cock up in2 me
& i feel dizzy & giddy with my head hanging back
as u lift me up & down on your cock a few more times...
it is a fully hot ride
& the feeling of your cock deep inside me
is totally fucking unbelievable...
i groan
" your cock feels so fucking good !!
i love feeling u so deep inside me !!! "

as u start 2 thrust in2 me again
i reach down & start 2 stroke my hard little cock
& bring myself 2 a new level of pleasure...
u stop & roll me over on2 my back
& start 2 long-stroke my ass
as u pull your cock all the way out of me
& then slam it all the way back inside me
in one long pounding stroke...
then u grab my hips tightly
& slam your pulsating pole in2 me
as deep as u possibly can
& i can feel your cock pulse
as u blast spray after spray
of slimy hot cum
deep in2 my aching ass...
your hot cream gushes in2 my ass like a geyser
as u fill me & then totally over-flow me...
i moan
" oh yes !! cum deep in me !! so deep in me !!
shoot my ass full !! shoot my ass full of cum !!
make me cum on your big ass-fucking cock !!! "

i am so totally hot
from your thick cock inside me
that my little cock quickly begins 2 launch
huge spurts of cum
all over my chest & face...
i open my mouth wide
& let sum of the jets
of my own steaming sperm
slide down my thirsty throat
& u groan
" i love cumming in your tight fucking ass !! "

( do u wanna ??? )

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