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Peoria Area FunYep, that's right I'm a newbie8/12/2007  7  
Tallahassee Playproblems making posts?8/12/2007  5  
Galesburgwow,this is an x-iting group,(NOT!)8/12/2007  2  
Married But AvailableMBA or not MBA!!!! hehehehehe8/12/2007  13  
Strictly 4 tha Nymphoswhat the hell?read this.8/12/2007  1  
N. TX. Pleasure ForumNew to the group!8/12/2007  1  
SCOTLAND'S FUN GROUP FOR ALLhello all !!8/12/2007  6  
Black on White. Can Ya Dig It?new to the group8/12/2007  10  
Fort Wayne SwingersLooking for some fun...8/12/2007  1  
long term fuckbuddies & datingHi everyone8/12/2007  3  
UTPAHope it picks up...8/12/2007  6  
SoCalCircus Swinger PartiesANOTHER GREAT PARTY 8/118/12/2007  7  
Tacoma/Seattle GangbangPartY Birch bay Friday8/12/2007  2  
Swinging Tulsansnew male here8/12/2007  0  
Toronto BBWPassion Party ~ October 13th8/12/2007  36  
Southern Wisconsin Fun!New to Group...8/12/2007  4  
Tahlequah AreaNew members!!8/12/2007  8  
Adult Friends of Long IslandRole Reversal.....Oh this should be good? LOL8/12/2007  12  
Awesome TulsansSwingers8/12/2007  7  
Bareback 4 BlackWA ladies8/12/2007  0  
Horny HollandHi, new to the group. ( I know generic title )8/12/2007  3  
PRESTON LANCS MMF BI 3SOMESjust want to say hi8/12/2007  1  
ONS,3P,4P......my partner and i looking for another couple for 4P...8/12/2007  4  
Couple PartyIntroducing..8/12/2007  2  
Military Men in Uniformarmy soldier looking in tx!8/12/2007  2  
men for third wheelshello8/12/2007  0  
Casper GroupThank you8/12/2007  5  
Black girls/white guysFirst gangbang8/12/2007  1  
Women Who Like Older Mennewbie here8/12/2007  4  
Swing Club Hong Kong??For Couples Only8/12/2007  1  
Ebony women for Ivory men OnlyWhere are the sexy Indy white guys?8/12/2007  7  
NW IowaBonjour.Ni hao.Guten Tag.Nazdar .Buon giorno.Hola.God dag.Aloha8/12/2007  3  
BBW Pussy Lickingnew to the group8/12/2007  2  
Fun BBWs in Central IllinoisHappy Anniversary8/12/2007  7  
Myrtle Beach NightsNew to the group8/12/2007  11  
Married BBW'Snew8/12/2007  0  
Toronto BBWHello everyone8/12/2007  11  
Women who love Bi MenHi, I'm new to the group8/12/2007  2  
REAL WHITE LADIES 4 BBCModerator Appreciation8/12/2007  11  
bbws in northern indianaWhats it gonna take????8/12/2007  11  
VA/DC/MD Get TogethersFirst gangbang8/12/2007  0  
Kansai SexfriendsNot much luck8/12/2007  0  
Killeen/ Fort Hood Funnew8/12/2007  0  
SR - THE ADULT Hang-Out =PCalling the 1,218 silent members of SR8/12/2007  9  
NatureMinded in SabahGreat Sex8/12/2007  1  
Albany Friends with BenefitsLooking8/12/2007  0  
NEW BEGINbye8/12/2007  2  
Ebony BBWs of T-townnew to the group8/12/2007  0  
Sexy CubansWelcome! ¬°Bienvenidos!8/12/2007  0  
BBW and SSBbW in FLnew to the group8/12/2007  1  
Raleigh BBW'sAug 11, meet and great !!8/12/2007  2  
Women who love Bi MenNew to the group8/12/2007  13  
Charleston Area BBWfun fun fun8/12/2007  1  
Maryville FriendsAnyone here?8/12/2007  0  
Knoxville area Sex BuddiesAnyone Alive?8/12/2007  0  
Charlottesville 18-30s groupWelcome8/12/2007  0  
Instant Hook-Ups in Clevelandnew to group8/12/2007  0  
Local girls for guysAnother new face :)8/12/2007  0  
GLASGOW CITY FUN MEETSJust jumped in the pool....hi to all.....8/12/2007  1  
East Valley thats into BlackWas there a full moon tonight??8/12/2007  4  
Irish perv'sNewbie8/12/2007  0  
Lethbridge and AreaAny Ladies???8/12/2007  1  
Herpes in Southern AZWhere are the Herpes groups in Arizona?8/12/2007  0  
Handicap SexGreetings8/12/2007  0  
Boise swingersHello we are new to the group8/12/2007  2  
Boise Area Swing & SwapHello Group8/12/2007  2  
Rockford people for sexHello, new guy here8/12/2007  2  
Phat Kitty RanchFuck Me Game8/11/2007  36  
In the Loopsdeb 50 bithday8/11/2007  2  
Timeless Desire~Waving Hello To All~ and Greatful For the Invite8/11/2007  4  
Olean Area Adult Friendsgroup fun!8/11/2007  0  
Sharing a father and sonBig secret haha8/11/2007  0  
Gang Bang GroupHot Blk BBW Slut - All White Meat GB / September 15-168/11/2007  16  
Michigan BreastfeedingNew to the group8/11/2007  1  
kinky sex for everyoneLike from the new girl8/11/2007  23  
WOMEN SEEKING BI MEN FOR 3 SUMlooking to be humiliated with cum facial8/11/2007  0  
woman looking for multipleNEW to the Group!!!8/11/2007  0  
Bi Ladys of San AntonioNew to the group8/11/2007  3  
Sexy South/South East ATLhey everyone8/11/2007  0  
Brigham Ogden Logan Fun timesLooking For Good Times8/11/2007  6  
hot guys for NW in. girlsHello, New to your group!8/11/2007  7  
real guys 4 real gals and cplsHello8/11/2007  0  
Erotic friendsHI8/11/2007  2  
Hamilton HotspotJust Looking for some Excitement8/11/2007  0  
Black on White. Can Ya Dig It?I love the name of this group8/11/2007  6  
PartyinSEWINew to this group8/11/2007  4  
Straight WI Guys Who Suck CockJanesville area8/11/2007  0  
Women who love Bi Menolder bi male new to group ,and only out on Passion8/11/2007  3  
Kent chat and playThanx8/11/2007  6  
PartyinSEWINew to the group8/11/2007  0  
FaN_TaSy_LaNd---- We Dare Ya ----8/11/2007  7  
SoCal StonersWhat's up my brethren of the herb!!!!!!!!!!8/11/2007  0  
Black Women For White GuysHello Everyone8/11/2007  0  
Interracialall talk8/11/2007  6  
Fern Creek & J-Town GroupHello Group8/11/2007  0  
First time for everythingMy First Time!8/11/2007  1  
Adult Fun for all in El Paso..meet and greets and who is allowed8/11/2007  28  
Dirty South GangbangsHello8/11/2007  0  
Women Who Like Older MenNew to group8/11/2007  5  
NB Group Funtwo woman looking for a group of men8/11/2007  14  
Black on White. Can Ya Dig It?A Matter of Firsts: interracial relationships that is??8/11/2007  5  
Central Illinois Adult FunNew to the group8/11/2007  9  
Bi-sexual-Bi-Curious Indy #2bi male gang bang8/11/2007  8  
Sexy Military Men WantedNew to the group8/11/2007  8  
White man's dark secretAny Plans for an August group get-together?8/11/2007  8  
After Eight clubHiya,8/11/2007  4  
Straight to the PointIS THERE A LOCAL CPL LOOKING FOR SOME REAL FUN TONIGHT 8/11/078/11/2007  0  
Descrete in Ft. Collinsjust saying hi8/11/2007  0  
BBWs in Las VegasRed Rooster Sunday Hot Tub party8/11/2007  1  
Midwest ConnectionsNew to the group...8/11/2007  7  
GAng BangsHave you ever wanted to bang your teacher?8/11/2007  12  
Sistas who Love White MENHow do i....8/11/2007  2  
UK Bi GroupYork Newbie8/11/2007  0  
Black Myst Love Loftwhere is the chat room?8/11/2007  5  
Eastern Idaho AFFersLooking forward to meeting group members8/11/2007  11  
Cuban HottiesHello! ¬°HOLA!8/11/2007  0  
Real Meetings in FredJerry's Kids8/11/2007  4  
UnderCuvr Luvrs of Long IslandYour version8/11/2007  8  
Bisexual / Lesbian BBW'snew to the group8/11/2007  0  
After Eight clubnew to the group8/11/2007  3  
ALL GENDER BENDERSNew to group.8/11/2007  21  
Cock and Wine Tastingready and willing8/11/2007  2  
Scots CornerMeet in Edin tonight8/11/2007  0  
NYC Gatheringswould luv to know when the next party is8/11/2007  0  
Black Gang Bangs 4 White Womennew to group from8/11/2007  0  
YOUNG SUB GIRL NEEDS MASTERNew to the group-searching8/11/2007  4  
big busted beautiesHello from Barbados8/11/2007  2  
Nashville Bi GuysCurious8/11/2007  2  
The Mod SquadGroups have lost all mod abilities.8/11/2007  4  
Extra-Marital InterestsNEW 2 THE GROUP8/11/2007  6  
BBW AND BHM MASTURBATERSNew to Group8/11/2007  1  
can I watchWant to be watched8/11/2007  1  
Transgendered CastleOn being ’spotted’ - Something different to consider8/11/2007  7  
Sexy BBW's of HoustonThat Fiesty Florida Chick has Entered the Building8/11/2007  7  
Johnson City TennesseeDriving through to Va soon8/11/2007  1  
Live Masterbationhook ups8/11/2007  4  
Colorado Springs SocialHouse Party Aug 18th8/11/2007  0  
NEW FRIENDS WITH BENEFITS 2new guy to the group8/11/2007  0  
Cairns!Future for Drinks Nites?8/11/2007  17  
Peoria Area FunRecently joined this group again!8/11/2007  6  
Big Beautiful WomenSayin' hello to y'all8/11/2007  6  
Central Oregon Group PlayNew to the group8/11/2007  6  
young lesbianshi all new here8/11/2007  2  
Northwest BC - Terracenew to the group8/11/2007  0  
Men Watching Sluts on Cam CumLet me be ur Cam Slut8/11/2007  16  
Kent Meet & Greethey there8/11/2007  1  
BBW & friends in North East UKFootball!8/11/2007  6  
BBW Sexual FunWhat is the sexiest part of a womans body?8/11/2007  25  
The Greater Cincinnati AreaHello8/11/2007  10  
Y'all know this is a sex siteFriends with Benefits8/11/2007  12  
Jacksonville FUNNew to Group8/11/2007  0  
MO Bondage and Fantasy GroupNew Members...8/11/2007  0  
WEST MIDLANDS GROUP SEXBest group sex8/11/2007  6  
Pic SwappersHi!!8/11/2007  0  
PROTEST GROUP.What are the real issues?8/11/2007  4  
Black on White. Can Ya Dig It?New To The Group8/11/2007  8  
Sexy BBW's of HoustonHello to the Group..Just Joined8/11/2007  2  
Want my ass gang bangedLooking in Wisconsin8/11/2007  0  
(VCC) Victorian Contact ClubUm... A few technical problems...?8/11/2007  1  
FL Bull Chat RoomHope to see you in chat!8/11/2007  0  
SoCalCircus Swinger PartiesNew Member Looking to Attend Party Soon8/11/2007  7  
Upper Cumberland Swingerscome join Upper Cumberland Swingers8/11/2007  0  
Extra-marital affairNew to group!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!8/11/2007  3  
Mormons Needing MoreWhat have you given up?8/11/2007  7  
Brisbane Masturbation Buddiesnew to group and first time here8/11/2007  1  
Intellectual LesbiansTODDLER AT 29.8/11/2007  2  
Huntsville SinglesAug. Social8/11/2007  3  
Men looking for older women!!!New to the group...8/11/2007  3  
Boone people?New to the group...8/11/2007  1  
Greater Ames Friend FinderNew to the group...8/11/2007  2  
Looking for FUN in AmesNew to the group...8/11/2007  5  
Bradenton FloridaWhat's your turn on?....8/11/2007  2  
Atlanta Area SquirtersWood or Alxxx8/11/2007  2  
MILFS need BOY TOYSNew to group!8/11/2007  2  
Elgin IL AreaNew to group8/11/2007  0  
DISCREET HUNTSVILLEHotels in Huntsville or nearlby8/11/2007  1  
Corpus Christi AFFParty on the 18th....Lets post if you want an invitations sent.8/11/2007  26  
TS/TV/TG and admirers in KentFirst M-M Experience wanted8/11/2007  4  
SanctuarySanctuary8/11/2007  20  
Adult Friends of Long IslandWould you rather......8/11/2007  23  
AutofellatioSelfsucking on Cam Today Saturday - Message from another group8/11/2007  1  
Dogging In KentWhere do thing happen nowdays? Have Been out of Dogging for a while8/11/2007  0  
MEN ONLYCelebrate The Weekend....8/11/2007  0  
Bi guys and gals who love themHi Everyone...New Member, 26 year old in Milwaukee8/11/2007  4  
Guys watching Girls on cam cumpost8/11/2007  0  
Fuck Buddies Central Califnew guy in the group8/11/2007  0  
ONLY FRESNOnew guy8/11/2007  0  
Tampa Bay Area (Fun Network)New guy lookin for some fun8/11/2007  1  
Young Adults in 850this group is pretty dead8/11/2007  0  
Black M & White W InterracialHello8/11/2007  2  
Women who love Bi MenHow Can a Bi Curious Guy find a Couple?8/10/2007  7  
Real People for daytime funNew Moderator8/10/2007  2  
A.F.F. BBW of LouisianaBetween My Legs8/10/2007  24  
BBW OF N. FL.New member8/10/2007  0  
Friends First Maybe More(FFMM)hello all8/10/2007  1  
Lafayette A. F. F. GroupBetween My Legs8/10/2007  16  
Colorado Springs SocialHouse Party Aug. 18th8/10/2007  1  
EASTSIDE INC.Is this group dead???8/10/2007  1  
Taunton, MANew to group8/10/2007  0  
Evansville Encounters...Hey everybody8/10/2007  1  
Pacific NW Sexy SquirtersFemale Ejaculation Defined8/10/2007  5  
fuck buddiesWatching?8/10/2007  3  
woonsocket groupwoony people where r u ???8/10/2007  0  
MMF 3waysLooking for males for MFM to have some afternoon fun...8/10/2007  13  
New Bedford area playersWondering if anyone from this group is going to meet and greet in Millbury MA tomorrow8/10/2007  0  
Phat Kitty Ranchnew to the group8/10/2007  20  
Sexy South/South East ATLhello all new local here8/10/2007  0  
Older Women for Younger Mennext week8/10/2007  0  
somerset maine areahello everyone8/10/2007  0  
Prowler's NWIowa groupRhonda's Rock Fest----18th8/10/2007  8  
Parents & Grandparents UnitedWow what a group8/10/2007  2  
Mature women being eaten &....group not changed8/10/2007  0  
Ft. Lauderdale BBWPlay Party / Masturbation "Club"8/10/2007  4  
WEST MIDLANDS GROUP SEXgroup sex tomorrow8/10/2007  1  
BBW Sexual FunHelp Us8/10/2007  25  
Women who crave LARGE cocksnew to group8/10/2007  0  
Group Orgy Appleton Areafinally in Appleton8/10/2007  0  
Gangbangs and OrgiesNew to Appleton8/10/2007  0  
Knoxville Single BBWWhat's everybody looking for?8/10/2007  10  
Horny HollandPossibly...Maybe8/10/2007  26  
Chocolate FantasySo glad I don't diet....8/10/2007  8  
Older Females 4 Younger GuysNew to this group8/10/2007  3  
GATORL7best group8/10/2007  3  
BLACK WOMEN FOR WHITE MENNew to group, let's meet8/10/2007  6  
sucklingNew to group8/10/2007  2  
sex with big chicksIs calling yourself a BBW not plain enough English?8/10/2007  21  
BBW, Body, Brains, and Witabout to bang my head against the wall8/10/2007  6  
cumshot pics & videos & webcamLooking for women for videotaping/photographing and enjoy having thier holes filled with cum.8/10/2007  1  
Mike's partysNew Member8/10/2007  0  
parties in kentNew in here - Anyone interested in meeting?8/10/2007  0  
video/web sexWant hot women for uninhibited video/pic fun!8/10/2007  2  
ivory men for ebony womenTo the Beautiful, Brown Ladies of PWC....8/10/2007  0  
funtimesCouple looking to meet new people8/10/2007  1  
Delaware InteraccialNew guy8/10/2007  0  
Colo Spgs Social 2House Party Aug 18th8/10/2007  12  
THE VIEUX CARRE CLUBIntroductions, etc.8/10/2007  0  
Greenville Friends and FunNew Group for Seneca area8/10/2007  3  
Mormons Needing MoreTatoos and Piercings8/10/2007  11  
Panhandle SecretsAnother new Member8/10/2007  2  
Guys watching Girls on cam cumCam Virgin in Texas8/10/2007  0  
Southern Tier SwingersBi-gals, Bi-guys and Bi-Couples, small orgy in corning 8-128/10/2007  0  
No strings sex in Englandwelcome all to the group8/10/2007  7  
Married, needed and lonelymwm looking for fun8/10/2007  0  
Older woman wanting younger meWest Central PA8/10/2007  0  
women for bi-menbi guy jo group?8/10/2007  14  
The # 1 Hot SpotNew8/10/2007  1  
Bi Women For Group PlayWhat is more important to you?8/10/2007  0  
BBW in Iowa 4 Ureturning to the group8/10/2007  6  
Bi Women For Group PlayWhat is more important to you?8/10/2007  0  
fun in sandpoint idahoThe werready51 situation8/10/2007  2  
Southern Tier SwingersGroup Bi Party in Corning, 8-12, 8 PM8/10/2007  0  
PcolaGroup69group sex bi ok!!!!8/10/2007  17  
PcolaGroup69group sex bi ok!!!!8/10/2007  0  
Southern Wisconsin Fun!"Friends With Benefits Game"8/10/2007  3  
4 THICK ,BIG BONE,LADIESActivity?8/10/2007  4  
kingstons partyA little time wastin fun....8/10/2007  2  
exhibitionistsFemale Roll Call ONLY!!!8/10/2007  0  
daytime sex !!New Member Evaluating8/10/2007  3  
"THE CIRCLE FOR CHRIST"Clever comebacks8/10/2007  1  
Bukkake/Gangbang ColumbusParty Aug 18th @ 6 pm in West side of Columbus, in Hilliard8/10/2007  2  
Southern Wisconsin Fun!Meet and Greet in IL???8/10/2007  9  
Bareback 4 BlackTV slut looking for group action8/10/2007  2  
West Of Irelandany ladies left in this group8/10/2007  0  
Clyde / Fremont Area Grouplooking 4 help8/10/2007  0  
new orleans bbw roomHello Group!!!8/10/2007  0  
Who likes BBW !!Hello8/10/2007  3  
UK Only Married L/M/Pstepping gently into the group8/10/2007  0  
Instant Hook-Ups in ClevelandLadies Are You Angry8/10/2007  0  
Dane County Debaucheryi'm back ...i think...re intro8/10/2007  3  
Scots Cornernew to this group8/10/2007  11  
Chocolate FantasyBlack men swallowed London Zone 1/28/10/2007  0  
Black on White InterracialsBlack men swallowed London Zone 1/28/10/2007  5  
BBW's and the men that love usOne Year Anniversary8/10/2007  5  
Sanctuarywhere has everyone gone!!!8/10/2007  7  
Northern Lites CouplesIS everyone ready for a group dinner again?8/10/2007  7  
Pic Swapperscum on me please8/10/2007  65  
Oxon, Bucks & Herts SwingersSexy wife allowed extra guys8/10/2007  7  
SoCalCircus Swinger PartiesProps to Kevin8/10/2007  9  
Bradford bangershi8/10/2007  3  
Asian ladiesout numbered8/10/2007  1  
Young Men Licking Older WomenNew guy8/10/2007  1  
The # 1 Hot SpotGood Cyber Manners And Respect In General8/10/2007  6  
Hot WifeTampa/St Pete Hotwife8/10/2007  5  
black chicks & white guysBlack girls in Durban8/10/2007  18  
norfolk sex loversGangbangs Norwich Monday Daytime8/10/2007  6  
PUSSY4PUSSYIntroducing myself8/10/2007  1  
Albany Friends with BenefitsLadies for special passionate erotic pleasurable experience?8/10/2007  0  
Phat Kitty Rancha Girls Girl......a Boys Girl.....hmmm...8/10/2007  13  
SB Gang bang/ orgyM&G8/10/2007  8  
Ladies 4 LadiesI Am The First!!!8/10/2007  2  
People for fun and sex.new postings8/10/2007  3  
JackinPlay together8/10/2007  1  
Knoxville Adult FriendsGangBang under the Lights8/10/2007  7  
south wales sexy peoplewhen is enough , enough - or very little not enough8/10/2007  2  
Bremerton/Silverdale FreeksBremerton Cinemas Friday Night(8/10) 10pm to Midnight8/10/2007  3  
what tickles your fancyfruit and why8/10/2007  6  
Timeless DesireI have something to say8/10/2007  5  
Rockford people for sexmarried 4 married or single8/10/2007  0  
Those who love and admire BBWsHello Group Members!!8/10/2007  0