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Jan 26, 2015Adult Video Stores?Pulaski2   
Jan 22, 2015Adult Video Stores?fritz1   
Jan 22, 2015Adult Video Stores?"Lunch" at McKeesport1   
Jan 16, 2015New Kensington and VicinityBiggest Age Difference For You (Up and Down)1   
Jan 7, 2015NJ Adult Theaters & Glory HoleAnonymous glory hole sex1   
Dec 28, 2014Adult Video Stores?McKeesport ABS tonight 12/19/141   
Oct 25, 2012Adult Video Stores?Massage Places In Altoona, PA3   
Oct 22, 2012Adult Video Stores?Fritz, is it open?2   
Oct 14, 2012Monroeville and Surrounding30/30 club9   
Oct 8, 2012WV Glory holes anything goesGirlfriend and I going to Fritz later tonight1   
Sep 29, 2012Adult Video Stores?any couple heading to stoystown soon1   
Sep 17, 2012WV Glory holes anything goesFritz open1   
Aug 14, 2012WV Glory holes anything goesWheeling/pburg/butler1   
Aug 11, 2012Adult Video Stores?Wed 8-82   
Aug 7, 2012Adult Video Stores?Stoystown today1   
Aug 7, 2012Monroeville and SurroundingHello1   
Aug 7, 2012Monroeville and Surroundingnew couple here1   
Jul 8, 2012Adult Video Stores?blairsville ABS today1   
Jun 4, 2012Adult Video Stores?stoystown worth the trip?7   
Jun 4, 2012Adult Video Stores?McKnight Rd ABS1   
May 7, 2012New Kensington and Vicinityfwb-friend's with benefits1   
May 7, 2012WV Glory holes anything goesPittsburgh area gh2   
Jan 25, 2012Adult Video Stores?Blairsville or Monroeville ABS1   
Dec 23, 2011NJ Adult Theaters & Glory HoleCouple looking for 1st Gloryhole experience.HELP.Where are they1   
Aug 18, 2011Adult Video Stores?Stoystown ABS2   
Jun 10, 2011WV Glory holes anything goesBerkeley Springs Glory Hole Tonight?1   
Apr 29, 2011Adult Video Stores?new and want to try!1   
Apr 18, 2011Adult Video Stores?TS/CD friendly w/hotel near?1   
Apr 16, 2011Hagerstown area discreet sexGangbang1   
Apr 12, 2011Adult Video Stores?glory holes1   
Apr 4, 2011WV Glory holes anything goesFritz2   
Apr 3, 2011Adult Video Stores?Fritz tonight! 3/25 Any Cpls?1   
Mar 18, 2011Adult Video Stores?which one?1   
Feb 21, 2011Adult Video Stores?women in a abs1   
Feb 7, 2011Adult Video Stores?adult video stores2   
Jan 20, 2011Hagerstown area discreet sexA good place to hang out1   
Dec 17, 2010Adult Video Stores?Where the best adult book/video store to meet straight guys?2   
Dec 13, 2010WV Glory holes anything goestoy boxx1   
Dec 13, 2010Cambria Countywife needing more1   
Nov 14, 2010Adult Video Stores?Stoystown Adult Country5   
Nov 2, 2010Martinsburgsex2   
Nov 1, 2010Adult Video Stores?female friendly book stores?3   
Oct 29, 2010MartinsburgGroup Fun1   
Oct 27, 2010Adult Video Stores?Cameras at Stoystown....1   
Oct 23, 2010Hagerstown area discreet sexgangbang anyone?2   
Oct 16, 2010SJ Glory Hole &XXX Theater SexIs there any gloryholes in SNJ1   
Sep 25, 2010AtlanticCity/Brigantine Fun!RolePlay Versus Caligula Swing Club1   
Sep 16, 2010New Kensington and VicinityNeed a couple guys to help1   
Sep 16, 2010Adult Video Stores?How bout today monroeville1