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Wow Bolcked Because I Made an Honest Comment

by mrshade469 12/8/2016
I read the news today oh boy

by Otis_Good 12/8/2016

by Mendiego9529 12/8/2016
Physical attraction along ethnic and racial lines: why do you exclude?

by rizerize3 12/7/2016
Bling, Bling. Bling, Bling.

by sigrhetman 12/7/2016
Does anyone ever donate points

by diehardfan18ki 12/7/2016

by creampie19782001 12/6/2016

by unykorn 12/6/2016
Is she correct?

by Mondolent 12/6/2016
One Night Stand or an Audition?

by jflorida561 12/6/2016
Plumber's crack, ladies.

by SailorChaz 12/6/2016

by ssmith987612 12/5/2016

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