I promice, I won't cum in your mouth...  

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10/25/2008 2:58 am

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I promice, I won't cum in your mouth...


I guess this is ALMOST as famous a saying as is "The check is in the mail!".

Occasionally, we get a question about whether she swallows. I've been wanting to create a blog entry on this subject for sometime and it's just after 5AM in the morning and I'm starting to drink my second cup of coffee so why not write it now!

First off, the answer to the question is YES... she swallows. However, I wanted to add some serious clarifications to this. Taking a guy orally is not one of her favorite things to do... in fact, for most of her life... she has been somewhat phobic about it. However, of late... this is something she wants to make LESS of an issue. In fact, the last few times she has been with someone, she has openly invited them to do that.

I have my own story to interject here... many years ago, Carol and I were at a bowling alley and I got a call on our cell phone from a lady. Although she was married, her husband was out somewhere for the evening and she invited me over. So, after dropping Carol off at home, I went over to meet her. We set around and chatted a little, started kissing and groping and before I knew it, she was sucking me off.

I reached a point where my groin muscles ached to start thrusting and I wanted to fuck so badly that I asked her if we could switch over to that but she was totally insistant that I relax, set back, and let her blow me and I was to cum in her mouth. To be honest, I was initially disappointed. She was still dressed, I wanted to see her naked body and the urge to 'fuck' was very strong. But this was DEFINITELY... HER PARTY... and she was doing what SHE wanted to do.

Afterward, we were still setting there chatting and her husband came home. This was kind of a first for me... although Carol and I had met many couples together by then, me doing a solo was a bit unusual and then for the husband to come home 'after' while I was still there was at first, a bit awkward. However, he was a friendly guy and subsequently Carol and I saw them 'as a couple' several times and I definitely finally got to fuck her.

Anyway, what is funny is... that despite Carol's offer to let them cum in her mouth... she is running into the same desires from the guys... it feels so good that they want to 'get on' and finish in her pussy. The most recent situation was when a guy came over on a Sunday morning. She had been with him before so it wasn't long before she took him upstairs to the bedroom. She was going down on him and told him it was OK to cum in her mouth and he said COOL! But, the URGE to fuck over-powered him and before he came, he laid her back and got on and said 'next time'.

About an hour later.. it was 'next time' again and AGAIN, she started things by going down on him and AGAIN... just before he came, he had to get on top. And, about an hour later... she tried once again to get him off orally only to have him say STOP... let me get on top!

The thing is... Carol can't just go down on someone for long periods of time... her jaw starts acking and this causes her to 'break the rhythm' and this probably delays the man from reaching an orally induced climax which in turn tends to shake her confidence in her ability to get someone off orally.

So, my suggestion is this... if you are with her, if she offers to let you cum in her mouth... DO IT.... whatever it takes. If you need to assist a little by doing some jacking, help her out. The bottom line is, that she has 'just so much' tolerance for 'fucking' in a given period of time and if you want to extend the time you are with her sexually... use BOTH methods to cum with her and the party will last longer.

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10/25/2008 3:08 am

A side note on this posting... as a man, I've considered the differences between how I feel when I cum in a woman's mouth. Sometimes they swallow, sometimes they either spit it into a napkin or towel or let it drip back out onto my dick.

We've received comments from men who have said they PREFER her swallowing or they PREFER her to drip it back out on them. We've even had guys tell us they want to immediately kiss her to share the experience of their own cum.

Personally, my preference is that the woman swallows. It's a mental thing where, if the woman spits it out, it is kind of a repudidation of me. Of course, after I cum... what the woman does with it is not really of major concern (he-he) but thinking about it later... when the woman swallows... it is a feeling that she has done the ultimate submission to me... and shown total acceptance of me and what I have to offer.

Be sure and comment on this if you have the time. If you are a man, tell me how you look at this subject. If a woman, definitely share your own thoughts on this subject... or send us an email if you want to tell us 'privately'.

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2/15/2009 1:36 am

BlackDoctrine 44M
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1/12/2010 8:10 pm

I look at it very similar to the way you do. I prefer her to swallow rather than spit even if it is dripping it back on me. I am not opposed to a sloppy cocksucking but I can cover myself with my own cum. Regardless, I share your sentiments regarding the woman doing the ultimate submission to me and I am not sure how or why a man would turn this down if he knows that he will ultimately get to get on top of her. My theory is that the desire to appear dominant by being on top is somehow connected to cumming for the men. Essentially, they have to be in control even through their climax rather than simply enjoying the experience of a woman who wishes to please the man she is with.

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2/7/2010 5:14 am

I totally agree that it shows that the woman is very much into you and there no feeling like that.

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1/24/2012 11:17 am

Well swallowing makes the man feels how much the woman is enjoying and wanting him, spitting can be taken in different ways, if she spits it on his cock and keep licking it it will be cool too since she wanna keep tasting and still enjoying what she was doing, but using a napkin or so yeah it makes the man feel as if his cum was disgusting in a way and it would make him reluctant about cumming in her mouth again, I don't see cumming in a woman's mouth as being dominating her, what if she is not enjoying it but i do? that is selfish well some people don't care but others do care about their partners so it depends, so unless the person is totally submissive and like it this way does anybody think that if one partner is selfishly dominant the other partner will have him/her in bed again??

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