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Accidental Orgy
Posted:Jun 2, 2013 10:54 am
Last Updated:Sep 11, 2014 12:35 pm
A few weeks ago I went to an out of town event where I shared a room with five other guys. Everything went well and we all got along until late the 2nd night.

Around 3:00 am I was woken up by the sounds of bedspring squeaking and realized the guy in the next bed was jerking off, while he thought everyone was asleep. After listening for a few minutes, and he did not finish, I became aroused, myself and decided to give him a hand.

Under cover of the darkness, I slipped from my bed, but the room became still. He had heard me moving and stopped out of embarrassment . . . . but I knew where the sounds came from. I could see the covers moving as he rubbed himself, waiting until all was silent again, to resume his efforts. He was shocked when my hand grasped his and his cock and began helping his movements. It wasn’t long before he removed his hand and surrendered control to me. I began to stroke him more vigorously until he was completely docile, so I bent and took his hard cock into my waiting mouth. Mmmmm.

I didn’t realize his sighs of pleasure had awakened the others until suddenly the room became bright, as one turned on a lamp to see what the noise was. I found myself in a roomful of straight guys, with a mouthful of cock.

As I endured the jibes and taunts as gracefully as I could, even returning their attempts at humor, someone said, “Well, go ahead and finish him. I want to see this”. I figured I had two choices. To be embarrassed and slink away, or to call their bluff and finish what I started. I chose the latter.

As I took him into my mouth again, the others crowded around to watch and soon began rubbing themselves as they became aroused by his thrusts. Having his friends watch as he was sucked by another man must have been exciting and soon his jism was flowing into my waiting mouth. Of course, I swallowed and continued to suck him until he was flaccid. This resulted in resounding if ironic applause from the ones looking on . . until a voice asked, “How about doing mine”? He’s already released his member from the confines of his white briefs and was standing within reach, so I turned and took him into my mouth. Glancing around as I sucked his cock, I noticed the others were releasing their tools and some had even stripped naked. I don’t care how straight you think you are, watching a blowjob is going to turn you on and make you want one, yourself.

My momentary partner sat on the bed with his knees spread as I positioned myself, kneeling between his legs and assaulted his member, once again. I heard a voice behind me say. “Aw. Fuck this” and felt a hard cock probing between my upraised nether cheeks. Removing the cock from my mouth I suggested he find some lubricant. After a few minutes he returned and I felt a lubricated dick probing at my vulnerable man cunt. I pushed outward, making entry easier and soon felt him enter me. As he thrust against my upraised buttocks and began a steady rhythmic motion I again took the cock into my mouth. Heavenly: One in my mouth, one inside me, and three others, waiting expectantly. As I finished with one, another would take his place, even in my anal cleft. I hadn’t bargained for being gangbanged but once it began, I accepted the role gratefully. I had never serviced multiple guys but it was exciting to see them queuing up for their orgasm. In fact, I soon realized I had taken eight loads and there were only five other guys in the room. As I teased about taking 2nds, I found that they all wanted a climax in my mouth and one in my ass. This was something new and they wanted their fill of it.

This was the first time I had ever sucked a cock that had just cum in my ass, but it wasn’t as distasteful as I feared. Not to mention I was too damn busy to worry about it. In fact a couple of them wanted 3rds.

Finally, they were all sated and no one wanted any more. By this time we were all naked but still rubbing our members, so I asked “What about me? Who’s going to get me off”?

Surprise, surprise! There were no volunteers. They were willing and able to accept a blowjob or even fuck me in my man-cunt, but no one wanted to touch my cock. Or, at least, no one would admit it.

I cautiously suggested a compromise. We would turn out the lights, so no one could see the others, and they would take turns sucking me. They only requirement was that when I demanded “Don’t stop” that person would have to finish my orgasm. There was some complaining, though I think some were anticipating their opportunity, and soon the lights were out and I was sitting on the edge of the bed awaiting the first pair of straight lips.

There was some grumbling. It seems no one wanted to go first, but soon I felt a bashful pair of hands tentatively finding my manhood. Then I was engulfed by a warm, wet mouth. Realizing this was a once in a lifetime opportunity to be sucked by five guys who had never sucked cock, I struggled mightily to control my rising passion. I wanted each ones mouth on me, at least once. I planned to be the first cock for every one of them.

After all had sucked me for a short time, there was some dissension. Some felt their turn was too long and one even complained he didn’t get long enough. I suggested they time each other, maybe at one minute intervals. This would require turning the lights back on, but they finally agreed after I mentioned that everyone knew that everyone else had just had their mouth on my cock. Besides, it was exciting to see what they would be sucking. With some reluctance, they agreed and began again.

Naturally, a few grew aroused again and I was obliged to suck them, as the rest took turns on my manhood. Males are visual creatures, so by giving them the cover of darkness they satisfied their inhibitions until their natural curiousity overcame their reluctant desires. They enjoyed seeing another male sucking cock and it was becoming enticing for them to see other erect cocks . . . as long as theirs wasn't the only one. One or two even began to stroke the person next to them. After all, what is so bad about touching a cock after you had just had one in your mouth and were about to again.

I determinedly controlled my passion, wanting them to begin enjoying the experience of taking a cock orally. I managed to prolong it for about 15 minutes or three times per person and they were giving in to the experience, but when I saw two go to another bed and begin 69’ing each other, I could no longer control myself. I told the guy currently sucking me, “Don’t stop. I’m going to cum”. I felt him hesitate, probably from the awareness he was about to receive a mouthful of sperm, but quickly caught himself, and sucked ardently as I exploded into his waiting mouth. There was another moment’s pause as I filled his mouth with my seed, but he doggedly swallowed and continued to raise and lower his mouth on my pulsating cock. One of the other guys was even curious enough that as my climax subsided, decided to take me into his mouth to taste my juices and clean me.

I think I created a monster. No one was ready to stop. Remember the two who were 69‘ing each other? The one on top ended up being penetrated anally as they sucked each other. After I recovered from my orgasm, I picked a particularly shapely behind and introduced its owner to the joys of anal penetration, as he switched between two different cocks. Men are animals, sexually, and once freed from their self imposed restraints were willing and even eager, to try any and all possible combinations.

Not everyone got their first taste of cum that night, as some were so spent they could not climax again, but it wasn't for lack of trying. We were all sucking, licking, fingering and fucking the rest of the night.

We finally went to sleep about daybreak; Tired and no longer confirmed heterosexuals. And this was only night two. Three more nights remained. Funny, but everyone agreed to share a room again, next year.
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Jerking with Cowboy
Posted:May 26, 2013 4:33 am
Last Updated:Oct 10, 2015 9:10 am
Not too long ago, cowboy and I got together for some more fun, but not quite as much as the last time.

Cowboy had told me about his female friend who liked to watch him jerk off, but he won't invite me to join them.

After fooling around for a while, I mentioned I'd like to watch him, too.

It's fun to jerk off with a friend, too.

He sure does shoot a big load!

It sure would have been better if Lamb had been watching. Especially as we helped each other.
I Like Toys . . . or More
Posted:Feb 23, 2013 7:28 am
Last Updated:Mar 4, 2013 2:44 pm
A friend of mine has gotten me started on photography.
He's showed me how he gets some of his best shots, so I just had to try it. His trick works.
Now, I don't have to wait till he's in the mood to get good cumshots.
Here's my latest attempt.
Happy New Year
Posted:Dec 30, 2012 5:23 am
Last Updated:Jan 8, 2013 3:35 pm
My Long-Nosed friend and I wish everyone the best for 2013.

New Years is just around the corner. 2012 is over and 2013 promises new opportunities for the upcoming year.

Make the most of them, and Never resist temptation. You might not get a second chance.

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Ready for a Rally
Posted:Sep 8, 2012 9:38 am
Last Updated:Jan 7, 2013 3:32 pm
It's only five more days until the first Bike Rally of the Fall 2012 season.

I wonder if anyone would say anything if I wore my chaps and vest? JUST my chaps and vest!

The bigger question is; "What would the females think of it"?

My First Pussy
Posted:Sep 7, 2012 2:53 pm
Last Updated:Sep 7, 2012 9:28 pm

Several have written asking when I will continue my sexual saga.

By now I was in my early teens and had discovered girls. I dated several but in those times girls seldom “did it”. It wasn’t until I was 16 and had my own car that I really discovered the pleasures of the female body.

It was on a double date with her best friend in the back seat with her date, that I finally discovered what fucking was really like. After some hot and heavy petting, I finally got her panties off. While I fingered her young pussy, I unzipped my pants with me other hand and freed my engorged member. As we kissed, I continued massaging and fingering her pussy. Eventually she reached over to rub my lap. Imagine her surprise, to find a rock hard cock protruding from my jeans.

Startled, but game, she grasped it and began to stroke it.
Now, I’d had hand jobs from J and M, my friend’s sisters, but I was looking for more. When she breathlessly said “wait a minute” and removed her hand, I figured she was about to chicken out and I would be left high and dry. Surprisingly, I felt something gooey plopped down on my hard dick. And it was COLD!. It was then that I realized she had bought a jar of Vaseline and was in her inexperienced way lubricating it for penetration.

Halleluiah!!! I was finally going to get some pussy.

As I leaned back to make room, she swung her leg across both of mine, straddling my lap. I knew I’d already removed her panties and was almost overwhelmed that a naked pussy was only inches away from my exposed cock. I quickly undid my belt, unbuttoned my jeans and slid them down to my knees. I was craving more flesh to flesh contact.

As I guided the tip of my cock between her nether lips, I felt delicious warmth envelop it. I wanted to feel it completely inside her but she hesitated, with a grimace as if something hurt her. She drew a deep breath, looked me in the eyes and asked “Ready”? My Gawd, I was ready.

As she lowered herself on my rock hard cock, I felt I had plunged it into moist velvet. The sensation was incredible. I remember thinking that this was much better than the initial, slightly painful penetration of a willing ass. Then coherent thought ended for a while and I was plunged into a world of sensation that was so pleasant it was almost painful.

As conscious thought began to return I became aware of a wet stickiness around my cock and even running down my balls. I thought nothing of it as I engulfed myself again in the sensation of sliding in and out of that warm velvet moistness.

Reality returned as she whispered in my ear, “Don’t let that stuff come out”. Are you kidding me? MY first piece of pussy and you want me to NOT Cum? I totally disregarded her words as she rocked back and forth above me and I continued thrusting into her.

As I felt orgasm approaching, I believe I began to moan and whimper in ecstasy. She murmured “Shhhhh” and plunged her hot, pink tongue deeply into my mouth, to silence me. With my cock deep in her soft, warm, wet pussy and her questing tongue heatedly exploring the inside of my mouth, I realized that we were each penetrating the others body. That pushed me over the limit. As I began pumping my seed into her exquisite pussy, she began to quiver and shake in harmony with my involuntary spasms. Realizing I had cum inside her had taken her past the brink and made her climax. Grabbing me tightly in her arms she ground her pussy harder against my cock, as we both tried to force it even deeper into her, as we moaned and gasped in the throes of sexual passion.

As we slowly descended from that emotional plateau we heard a soft voice say “Are y’all through, finally”. We had totally forgotten about the other couple, who were on their first date, in the back seat. As we turned to them in embarrassment we realized the sexual excitement has overcome them too. T. was lying on her back with her legs widely spread while John fucked her frantically. She simply smiled at our startled expressions and we continued to watch as his muscles contracted and relaxed as he pounded into her. In just moments his entire body stiffened as his climax overtook him. He thrust even harder as T. wrapped he legs around his waist, drawing him deeper inside her.

With all four of us sated, we began to rearrange out clothing. It was only then that I noticed my cock and balls were not only covered in cum that had dripped from L., but there was blood trickling from my pubic hair and running between my legs. To my surprise, L had been a virgin. I had gotten my first piece of pussy as well as broken my first cherry.

This was our first time, but was definitely not our last.

Occasionally, after that, we would invite T. to go to the Drive In with us, when she didn’t have a date. You cannot imagine the things a 16 year old boy at the Drive-In with two 13 year old girls can get into.

Or maybe you can.

Getting ready for the Bike Rallies
Posted:Sep 4, 2012 7:50 am
Last Updated:Aug 30, 2013 10:07 am
September is here and it's time for the Fall 2012 bike rallies to start.

Dixie Bikefest, Angel City, Thunder Rally, all in the next two months, here in Middle Georgia

It's time to get wild and crazy and have some fun, before the weather gets too cool to ride comfortably.

Keep your eyes out for me at these events.


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